Desperate race in the novel The da vinci code by dan brown

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Research problems face by college librarian in present scenario

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Socio-personal factors with impact assessment of mobile based advisory services in Haryana

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Psychological and communication factors with impact assessment of mobile based advisory services in Haryana

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Web based expert system for tobacco disease management

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Study on marketing of tea in Tamilnadu with special reference to Nilgiris district

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The effects of moderate-intensity aerobic activity before and after training on acquisition and consolidation memory in short service badminton

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Strategies d'evitement des perdus de vaue dans le cadre de la prise on charge de la tuberculose au CDT de Lakota cote d'ivoire

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Political education in post: Aceh conflict

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Bibliometric profile of Current science between 1961 and 2015

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Big data analytics in bioinformatics

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Use of mobile devices by library and information science students in central universities of Uttar Pradesh

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Population implosion and the model of cavitation applied to demography

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District central libraries in Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh

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Comparative end-to-end evaluation of research organizations

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Determinants of television media libraries' use, collections and services among the television media professionals in Bengaluru

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Use and awareness of E-journals by the faculty of research scholars of Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology

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Knowledge sharing pattern among the arts faculty students of Dhaka university

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Citation analysis of business research: an international journal in the field of business

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Use of online social networking services in university libraries: a study of university libraries of Karnataka, India

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Key technology network of BioMEMS through patent analysis

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DESIDOC journal of library and information technology (DJLIT): A bibliometric analysis of cited references

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Presence of the iranian library and the information science departments in ResearchGate

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Performance of association rules for dengue virus type1 amino acids using in integration of transaction reduction and random sampling (TRRS) algorithm

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Shedding the light on the stability of university rankings in the ICT field

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Evaluation art of webster as a dramatist

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Microsoft academic search and google scholar: a gateway for researchers

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Accessibility of N-list program among the faculty members and students of doaba college Jalandhar: A case study

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E-mail & its application in library

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Chemistry research in India: Making progress, but not rapidly

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Users perception towards use of CeRA e-resources: A study with reference to Dr. Y S parmar university of horticulture & forestry, Solan

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Library theft detection system: RFID

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Websites of central universities in North East India: A webometric analysis

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Use of electronic resources and services by faculty members and students of fiji national university

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Patent search tools for competitive intelligence for product design and development of CBRN decon device

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Usage of library for accessing clinical information by the students of health science universities in Karnataka

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Evaluation of system study in library and information science

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Performance evaluation of library and information centers

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Scientometrics of engineering research at indian institutes of technology madras and bombay during 2006-2015

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Investigating knowledge management strategies in central University libraries in India

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Evaluation of precision and recall of five web OPACs of the select universities

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How open data can help electrify India-and the world

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Factors influencing usage of internet for academic purposes using technology acceptance model

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Web impact factor analysis for deemed universities in Andhra Pradesh

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Mapping of E-books in science & technology: An analytical study of directory of open access books

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Study on the rural local self-government

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Study on the media and politics

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