Container for sharp instruments

Michael Shane Cavanagh

Stamping roller for a stamping apparatus

Leonhard Kurz GMBH & Co

Portable freezer cabinet

Hindustan Lever Limited

Evaluation of metallurgical and mechanical peroperties of austenitic stainless steel weldments of AISI 304 and 304 LN

Nagalakshmi R;Rathinam A;Suresh S; Mahendravarman C;Pandey K S

Total system calibration of a plantar food pressure measurement unit

Roy D;Philip J

Evaluation of metallurgical and mechanical properties of austenitic stainless steel weldments of AISI 304 and 304 LN

Nagalakshmi R;Rathinam A;Suresh S; Mahendravarman C;Pandey K S

Microcontroller based portable arsenic analyser

Madhusudhan P;Mahaveera B;Karthikeyan C

Effect of electric field behavior on normal brain as analysed by electrical impedance tomography

Kalpana R;Ramakrishnan S

On the development of a low-cost, transformer-isolated voltage probe for differential measurements

Borage M;Tiwari S;Kotaiah S

Design of FFT spectrum analyzer on PC platform using Lab VIEW and microcontroller based data acquisition system

Arun Venkatesh K;Chauhan S;Hiranya Bhatta S G;Mathivanan N

Microcontroller based relative humidity meter

Sai Krishna V;Sadistap S;Bhanu Prasad P;Kapur P

Design and development of programmable field instruments

Bodhe G L;Navghare S;Dharmadhikari D M

Traditional phytotherapy among karens of middle Andaman

Sharief M U;Senthil Kumar;Diwakar P G;Sharma T V R S

Simulation of droplet formation, ejection, spread, and preliminary design of nozzle for direct ceramic inkjet printing

Venumadhav Reddy A;Rajesh P K;Krishna Prasad P S R;Ponnambalam P;Prakasan K

Biochemical variations in seed and leaf characteristics of thirteen provenances of Albizia chinensis" osback"

Singh C;Todaria N P

Surface plasmon effect in nanocrystalline copper/DLC composite films by electrodeposition technique

Hussain S;Pal A K

Effect of annealing on magnetic porperties and silicide formation at Co/Si interface

Agarwal S;Ganesan V;Tyagi A K;Jain I P

DNA isolation from goat blood using different brands of household detergents and its downstream application

Suneel Kumar O;sharma M K;Singh d

Music therapy in traditional african societies: origin, basis and application in Nigeria

Aluede C O

Potentials of anionic bitumen emulsions in coatings and construction industry

Ramakumar K R;Sinha T J M;Khanna A S

Screen printed poly (Ethylene oxide): ZnO/CuO intercalative nano-composites for acetone and methanol sensing application

More P S;Junghare A R;Kshrisager P M;Sabale S V

Quality of indigneous coated papers and ways to improve it

Sood Y V;Tyagi S;Tyagi R;Pande P C;Tandon R; Roy T K

Dynamic surface characterization a better approach for paper quality assessment

Sood Y V;Tyagi R;Tyagi S

Printability of paper

Singh S P

Trends in paper and board industries with respact to improving printability

Robinsor D

Requirement of paper quality suitable for latest printing technology

Naithani A K;Chhetri R B;Kathirvelu T

Printing processes and their demand on coated paper as a substrate a case study. Influence of coating weight thickness variation on the print evenness

Guha I;Patharkar V K;Patil V

Printing technology & JK paper approach to meet modern printing requirements

Goel M C;Harichandan A K;Mohanty P K;Mishra A K;Dakua S K

Practical approach for eradication of fluff probelm in paper industry: causes and remedies

Dutt D;Tyagi C H;Upadhyaya J S

Print quality of sheet fed ofset & digital printing technologies

Baral A K

Reactivity ratios of methoxy poly (ethylene glycol) acrylate macromonomer and styrene: synthesis and characterization

Usharani S;Reddy B S R

Properties of optical plastics prepared by gamma radiation

Suri G;Chhabra P;Tyagi M;Kaushik S;Jha G S; Seshadri G;Malik A;Niyogi U K;Khandal R K

Development of an instrument to measure density and moisture content of snow

Mittal S K;Singh M;Garg R K