Role of banking in Rural area

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Corporate Finance

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Role of rural area in development of Banking Sector for future Scenario

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Industry- institute interaction in modern area

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Service quality perceptions- an empirical study of servqual and customer satisfaction, in the banking industry

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Delone and Mclean model's reliability in accessing the efficiency of information systems with reference to internal users of SBI banks, in Coimbatore

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Need for sustainable economic development and global carbon market

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Wage-productivity hypothesis in the manufacture of food products and beverages in the state of Tamil Nadu

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Supply chain integration (SCI) and firm's performance: an empirical investigation of Indian manufacturing sector

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Germination and seed infection as influenced by seed treatment in vegetables

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Journey towards excellence: Steel Authority of India Limited from navratna to maharatna

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Conceptual dimensions of creating antecedents to achieve customer loyalty

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Operational challenges faced by small and medium enterprises in India- with reference to servo stabilizer manufacturing units

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Consumer perception of private label brands in apparel retail industry

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Perceived need for autonomy,need for power and need for achievement among employees of organized sector and employees of unorganized sector

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Shortcomings in six sigma implementation: an experience in Indian industries

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Relationships of NPAs with profits and advances-a study with respect to private sector banks

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Accuracy of value-at-risk model in commercial banks

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Comparative evaluation of financial performance of district central co-operative banks in Haryana (India)

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Optimal common cycle time for a multi-item production system with discontinuous delivery policy and failure in rework

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Pre and post merger performance of banks in India- a comparative study

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Industry - institute interaction in modern area

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Impact of onchocerciasis on the economy of rural communities in Nigeria: a case study of federal capital territory (FCT)

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Problems & prospects of rice mill entrepreneurs- the conceptual framework wit special reference towards South India

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Managing change in business organisations

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Measuring the financial health of the selected companies in paint industry- an application of Z score

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Financial health prediction of selected cement companies in India

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Employment scenario of cottage and small scale industries in Southern part of West Bengal

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Evolution and growth of rice mill industry in Burdwan municipality, Bardhaman district, West Bengal

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Causes of low profitability of Haldia refinery-a study

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Profile of large scale industries, a case study of Purba Medinipur district, West Bengal

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"KAIZEN" (improvement) in spacecraft project management using "earned value analysis"

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Enhancing creativity for organizational change

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Investing on human capital: safe bet or a gamble?

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Strategic framework for human capital investment to create sustained competitive advantage

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Analysis of leverage ratio in selected Indian public sector and private sector banks

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Quality of worklife and job satisfaction of a group of university employees

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Study to assess emotional intelligence and performance of Managers in Co-operative and Gramya Banks in Orissa

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Statistical analysis of medical waste generation, management and helath implications in Enugu metropolis, Enugu state, Nigeria

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Planning for iterative design projects using DSM@IITM

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Quality management system for property developers

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Economic and strategic scenario in Indian construction industry

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Ranking of municipalities in Serbia through the development level of SME in agribusiness

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Non-timber forest product based enterprise: leaf plate making in Angara, Jharkhand

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Process of trade transformation and impact analysis of global crises: case of BRIC

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Job-shop scheduling in a make-to-order company: an application of 'palmer's heuristic approach' and 'two machine fictitious rule'

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Critical evaluation of special economic zones (SEZs) in India

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Dynamic scheduling of flexible manufacturing system using heuristic approach

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Customer's perception towards service quality a case study of ICICI bank

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Item analysis of marketing management behaviour of self help group leaders

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