SWIR albedo mapping of mars using mars orbiter mission data

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Direct detection of photons from exoplanets of a host star leading to study its element compositions

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Receiver system for the ooty wide field array

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Ooty wide field array

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Benford's distribution in extrasolar world: Do the exoplanets follow benford's distribution?

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Lowering of asymmetry

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Prowess - a software model for the ooty wide field array

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Space weather and solar wind studies with OWFA

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Preliminary results of high-energy cosmic ray muons as observed by a small multiwire detector operated at high cutoff rigidity

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Abundances of La<

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Using inverse distance weighting interpolation method to prepare maps of radon concentrations distribution in Wasit province

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Prepare maps of ozone pollution in Baghdad city using arc - gis techniques

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Forbidden zones for circular regular orbits of the moons in solar system, R3BP

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Simulating the z = 3.35 HI 21-cm visibility signal for the ooty wide field array (OWFA)

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Correction of mars colour camera images for identification of spectral classes

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Nano-metric dust particles as a hardly detectable component of the interplanetary dust cloud

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Radio recombination lines of hydrogen

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Einstein-Maxwell field equation in isotropic coordinates: An application to modeling superdense star

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Time delay evolution of five active galactic nuclei

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Solar wind associated with near equatorial coronal hole

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