Nutritional quality of food supplements based on carrot powder and grits

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Development of soynutties and fried osy dhal: sensory and nutritional evaluation

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Quality assessment of dehydrated idli

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Products from wood apple (Limonia acidissima) fruit and their quality evaluation

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Effect of processing, preservation and storage on oxytetracycline in spiked milk

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Genotype variatins in physical, nutritional and sensory qualityof popped grains of amber and dark genotypes of finger millet

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Effect of variety, pressure and specific volume of steam on the head rice yield of milled parboiled rice

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Nutritive value of some indigenous plant rhizomes resembling Ginger

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Effect of supplementation of biofortified biscuits on haematological parameters of selected adolescent girls of Marathwada region

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Nutritional and technological qualities of paneer based dessert prepared from a blend of milk and soymilk

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Changes in fatty acid spectrum of potato tubers during refrigerated storage

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Consumption of heavy metal and minerals by adult women through food in sewage and tube-well irrigated area around Ludhiana city (Punjab, India)

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Nutritional and microbial quality of street foods

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Participatory nutrition intervention for poor families of SHG women in a Peri urban village

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Bioavailability of iron and calcium from uncommon leafy vegetables

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A comparative study of natural cleaning agents and synthetic detergent for its cleaning efficiency

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Availability of nutrients from preprocessed and processed mothbean (Phaseslus aconitifolius Jacq)

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Efficiency of detergents on cotton, polyester and cotton-polyester blend

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Nutritional profile of scheduled caste/tribe adolescents

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Soymilk as a substitute for animal milk

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Nutrient contents in selected Maharashtrian and south Indian Single full meals

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Consumption pattern and quality evaluation of Rab traditional rural preparaton

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Dietary pattern and style of living of diabetic patients

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Impact of visual media on knowledge, attitude and practice of school children regarding nutrition education

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Sensory and nutrient quality of soy and wheat flour based high protein pulse analogue

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Birth weight of newborn in relation to maternal weight gain and haemoglobin level

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Impact of supplementation of lotus stem (Nelumbium nelumbo) on the iron nutriture of adolescent girls (13-18 yrs) in Manipur

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Impact of breakfast pattern on the nutrient intake, physical, cognitive and academic performance of school children

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Optimization of instantiation parameters for quick cooking of white chickpea

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Development of quick cooking of desi chickpea

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Incidence of staphylococci and other micro-organisms in pera sold in difference markets of Kanpur city.

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'Junk' food - are we miscommunicating?

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Nutritional assessment and dietary pattern of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) and non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM)

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Fat uptake, shelf stability and sensory quality of soy incorporated cereal based papads

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Multimedia based package on food security to create knowledge and awareness of farm women

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Effect of sorghum flour on quality of noodles

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Development of β-carotene rich bread by incorporating dehydrated carrot

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Perceived joint discomfort by rural women while performing dishwashing activity in Deoria district (U.P.)

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Formulation and preparation of bajra (Pennisetum typhoideum) papad

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Effect of incorporation of soy products on the glycemic index and glycemic load of selected Indian foods

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Sensory evaluation of wheat chapaties fortified with different leaf protein concentrates

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Nutritional status of adolescent girls and its correlation with their dietary habits.

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Impact of various weightloss methods on fitness of obese males and females

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Traditional knowledge of the Himalayan people on production of indigenous meat products

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Reactions and burden of caregivers to the aged in western Rajasthan, India

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Quality of life of children with mental retardation

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Adoption of solar cooker by rural women

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Self esteem, decision making, mental health and knowledge awareness on parenting among rural women

Bhalerao V S;Shaikh R M;Gaikwad S R