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1 Non neuronal cells, information processing, and neuropsychiatric syndromes, Adonis S;Carolina O
2 Psychotherapeutic management of hypochondriasis: a case study, Aggarwal S;Srivastava P
3 Development of a tool to assess the knowledge of mental illness among the family members of mentally ill, Ahmed N;Baruah A
4 Management of drug-induced movement disorders in psychiatry: an update, Alam S A;Baruah A;Agarwal G;Mohite N
5 Clozapine: the past, present, and future, Alam S A;Baruah A;Timungpi B
6 "Worm crawling inside my brain": a rare case of delusional parasitosis, Alam S A;Nath S;Sinha V K
7 Music therapy for institutionalised elderly persons with depression, Amal Dev;Smitha K V;Pillai R R
8 Social context and consequences of mental illness in changing scenario, Anand Kumar;Srivastava P;Pradeep Kumar; Manisha Kiran
9 Motivational intervention among patients with alcohol dependence syndrome: a quasi experimental study in a selected de-addiction centre in Assam, Angami M A;Baruah A;Ahmed N
10 Somatoform disorders and the subtypes: do differences exist?, Anil Kumar;Phookun H R
11 Barriers in the treatment of psychiatric disorders, Anil Kumar;Phookun H R
12 Stress among community level workers working in disasters, Aravind Raj E;Sekar K
13 Children of persons with alcohol dependence syndrome: risks and resilience, theories and interventions, Arelingaiah M;Pandian R D;Sinu E
14 Schizophrenia care: an overview considering family burden, medication adherence, and pharmacoeconomics, Aswini B;Sreedhar S;Poulose N;Suresh Kumar P N
15 Love styles of young adults in a metropolitan city of India, Avinash P R;Kalra G;Subramanyam A;Shah H; Kamath R
16 Study to assess burnout among nurses of maternity department in Gauhati Medical College Hospital, Assam, Baishya M;Goswami B
17 Evolving society and mental health, Bhagabati D;Anil Kumar
18 Assessment of the effectiveness of yoga therapy as an adjunct in patients with alcohol dependence syndrome, Bhagabati D;Anil Kumar;Borbora S A;Bora U; Sharma H
19 Prevalence of spontaneous dyskinesia in first episode, drug naive schizophrenia, and its relation to the positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia, Bhandari S S;Bhagabati D
20 Epidemiology and biostatistics: fundamentals of research methodology, Bhuyan D;Dua N;Kothari T
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