IGMIS- a computer-aided information system on Indian Gondwana megaspores

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Lion figurine with non-acheulian lower palaeolithic implements

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Pterospermumocarpon, a new malvalean fruit from the Sindhudurg Formation (Miocene) of Maharashtra, India, and its phytogeographical significance

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Palaeoethnobotany at Lahuradewa: a contribution to the 2nd millennium BC agriculture of the Ganga plain, India

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Presence of early pleistocene acheulian hominins in South India

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Sex ratio in India - embarrassing to be honest

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Ediacaran fossil assemblage from sonia formation, Jodhpur group, Rajasthan

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Ancient DNA: the molecular evidence of the evolutionary past

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Age of the Vastan Lignite in context of some oldest cenozoic fossil mammals from India

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Relationship between abundance and morphology of benthic foraminifera Epistominella exigua: paleoclimatic implications

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Coprolites from the lower miocene baripada beds of Orissa

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Seed variability in Prosopis cineraria collected from different localities of Indian desert

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Vendotaenids : earliest megascopic multicellular algae on earch

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