Solid <

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Calculation of power density distribution in miniature neutron source detector using the MTR_PC V2.6 code package

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CKM-favored and -suppressed and meson decays to a pseudoscalar and a tensor meson

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Energy transfer between optically excited Tb<

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Selective pre-concentration and solid phase extraction of mercury(II) from natural water by alumina -loaded bis (2-hydroxylamino) glyoxime phases

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FTIR and FT-Raman spectral investigation of 2-chloro-1,3-dibromo-5-fluorobenzene

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Phosphors MMgAl10O17: Eu,Dy (M=Ba,Sr,Ca) irradiated by Cs<

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Effect of carbon content on the mechanical properties of ternary boron-nitrogen-carbon compound

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Micro mirror based Hadamard transform spectrometer

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Particle physics with extra dimensions: state-of-the-art

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Morphological influence on surface- wave propagation at the planar interface of a metal film and a columnar thin film

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On the genericity of spacetime singularities

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Electromagnetic analysis of ohmic quality factor for the tapered gyrotron cavity

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Modeling of the power budget of remotely pumped long haul OFCS incorporated with pre-EDFA and DRA

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String theory and cosmological singularities

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Modeling and simulation of all-optical intelligent routed networks under traffic control protocols

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