Software invention cube: a classification scheme for software inventions

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IP case law developments

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Trademark issues in digital era

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Pantent & food security-opening the Pandora's box

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Small scale industries and IP management: need to recognize intellectual assets

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Reflections on the Indian Accession to the Madrid Protocol

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IP case law developments

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IP case law developments

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Bridging the time and tide-traditional knowledge in the 21st century

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Onset of mobile chip piracy in the domain of copyright infringement

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TRIPS, WTO and IPR-TRIPS & affordable healthcare the concept of OSDD & patent pools

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TRIPS, WTO AND IPR-world patents?

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Protection and utilization of public funded intellectual property bill, 2008: a critique in the light of India' sinnovation environment

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Scope of online service providers' liability for copyright infringing third party content under the Indian laws-the road ahead

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Role of intellectual property during recession

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Pirate bay, grokster, and google

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Economic rights of authors under copyright law: some emerging judicial trends

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Biological gergraphical indicators of traditional knowledege based products and green technology from Arunachal Pradesh: an intiative for safeguarding IPR of communities

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TRIPS, WTO and IPR: prevailing issues and emerging trends

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Legal protection of geographical indications in Jammu and Kashmir-a case study of Kashmiri handicrafts

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Copyright in India: an overview

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Human rights, knowledge and intellectual property protection

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Intellectual property management and value-added strategy of the industrial technology research institute

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